There are various charity shops available around you in Ilford with the help of which you can easily donate your unwanted and unused things like furniture, electronic equipments, kitchen appliances, car, etc. Most of the donation agencies help you to find the needy and remove these things from your house. They also provide service of furniture collection from Ilford and thus you do not have to make any transport arrangements for the furniture.

Where you can donate your furniture?

Homeless shelter – there are many homeless shelters that have a large number of needy people. So, if you want to donate your furniture then you should contact the shelter home. These organizations provide shelters, meal, beds, couches, tables etc. to the people living there and hence are always in need of furniture.

Theater groups – there are many theater groups which also need furniture donation to build their sets. They accept any kind of furniture which is available. So, you can find the theater groups in your local area for donating your unwanted furniture to them and free up some space in your house.

Battered woman shelters – battered shelters help those women who have been through abuse. These shelters provide them a safe environment to live with their child. So, if you have unused furniture then you can donate to them. It is also important that your donated furniture should be in good condition.

If you do not wish to go through the hassle of finding a place where you can donate, you can simply call the certified charity services and give the furniture to them.