Minerva worktops are gaining popularity these days as they are available in a massive range of colors that are ideal for any type of kitchen. They come with clean finishing that makes your kitchen look incredible. It gives a sleek and smooth finish. Minerva kitchen worktops are also very easy to install and require less maintenance.

Some of the required tips for maintenance are given below:

Routine cleaning – It does not require any professional cleaning solution because most of the light dirt and residues can be wiped off with a cloth and soapy water. The surface then should be washed with clean water and wiped out with a dry cloth. Persistent marks are removed by using an abrasive cleaner.

Minor scratching – The kitchen utensils can cause scratches and are very evident in the dark colors. The surface can also be damaged by the cutting with the knife. So, it is recommended to use a cutting board while you are working on the surface of the kitchen. If the scratches are minor, it could easily be removed by grey abrasive pads.

Heating – It can easily withstand heat than any other material. However, most of the heating pots or the pans and any other heat-generating device should be kept on the trivet to protect heat from having direct contact with the surface. Boiling water, cooking splashes, etc. do not ever harm the surface.

Staining – It is non-porous and will able to resist most of the household chemicals including alcohol, cosmetics, etc. Many chemicals can cause damage and if it occurs, immediately wipe out and rinse it.