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Why Hardwood Flooring Is Better Than Other

The look that hardwood flooring provides cannot be matched with tiles and carpet. There are different types of hard wood flooring present now in Hamilton, there is oak wood, maple wood, cherry wood and more. If you want to have very long lasting floors then there is teak, mesquite, jarrah and more.

You can get the hardwood flooring in Hamilton done by experts to get the perfect finishing.


Enhances the look

It undoubtedly enhances the looks of the house. Hardwood flooring will also make the space look bigger. It also makes the house more inviting and it can match with any type of décor.

Easy to clean and maintain

The hard wood flooring is very easy to clean. You can use any method for it such as sweeping, vacuum or steam cleaned. These floors are smooth and resist dust and dirt sticking on them. That is why they are very easy to maintain. Unlike carpets they don’t catch stains quickly. If something gets spilled on the floor, you can easily clean it up with a cloth or a wiper.

Good for allergic persons

As they don’t catch dust or debris or animal dander or pet’s hair and more, you get fresh air quality throughout the day. You must get the hardwood flooring done in your home if you have an allergic person in your family.

Increases value of house

Wooden floors add value to the home. You can include flooring as one of the valuable features in your house before posting the ad for sale. This is because maximum people demand wooden flooring in the house. Many other floors like vinyl or carpet are hard to maintain.

Engineered Wood for Your Floors

Engineered wood is a versatile and sustainable material boosting the performance of a building. Manufacturing engineered wood takes longer as it needs more processing times. It has more ecological and technical advantages too. The engineered wood costs less and performs better than solid wood. The manufacturing process includes the use of veneers, wood and reconstructing it using resins.

Plywood, Glulam, Cross-laminated timber, Aspenit or Oriented Strand Board are the different types of engineered wood products. Plywood and Glulam were commonly used earlier. Being less vulnerable to temperature and humidity changes making them favourites as flooring for bathrooms and laundry rooms.