There are many DIY projects which people love to do in their free time as they get satisfaction on their completion and they also get to divert their minds for the time being. To undertake such projects, it is very essential to have right gear at hand. Many-a-times you have to use fasteners or adhesives but you can also try Velcro hook side only. The product will not only give you an opportunity to fasten things but you can also get creative with it.

velcro tapes

Different types of DIY projects which you can attain

Wall hangings

With this product you can easily hang different types of wall décor items without the use of nails. This will protect your walls from getting damaged. One just has to hang the product through the surface of wall with the help of nails at the corner which will provide you a hanger which is free of holes.

Used in place of zipper

If you’ve got tired of changing zippers of your rain coat or cushions, this product can be a way out. You just have to sew it in place of zipper on cushion or raincoat, thus you will save an amount on repair and replacement of zippers.

Secure cords

In case you have small children in house and you fear that they may get tangled in wiring or fall then you can securely fasten cords and electrical wires with the product. This will not only provide protection to your child but the overall look of your place will improve.