There are various kinds of materials available in the market for packing of products and making property insulted and one of the best ones is expanded polystyrene. It is rigid cellular plastic which comes in multiple shapes and sizes. As this material offers insulation and high level of security to the products, thus it is in huge demand by various industries. The expanded polystyrene manufacturers are now producing it in huge quantities and the best thing is that they are 100% recyclable.

Reasons to choose expanded polystyrene

Used for multiple applications – if you want to use  it for insulation purpose then you can install it for cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation, floor insulation, attic insulation, pipe insulation, etc.  It is not only used for making your property insulated but also used for packing boxes and other things.

Light weighted – if you want to make the flooring of your house insulated then installing expanded polystyrene is one of the best options. It is light in weight because it contains 95% air which helps to prevent the chances of extra load on the flooring.

Easy to install – there are various materials that require heavy equipments and tools for installing in the building and flooring. But if you are choosing EPS then it does not require any heavy equipment for installation. It also doesn’t take more time to install so you can save your time as well.

Cost effective – as compared to other materials, it is available at a cheap cost. If you are looking for a cost effective material for making your property insulated then you should choose expanded polystyrene material.