Maintaining the house is the priority of every house owner. The status of your house represents your class in the society. Renders are the top coating of the walls which need regular cleaning and maintenance to shine throughout the year. This coating faces extreme temperatures and harsh sunlight which damages it over along period of time. In rainy season, algae growth on the renders is a very common problem faced by the people. In this case, you can go for the render cleaning services by professionals. They will make your task much easier and faster.

How to do render cleaning of your home?

Detergent wash – many people wash their renders by various detergent cleaners. These cleaners are easily available and are very affordable. You can take the help of light bristle scrub and wash out all the dirty spots and patches on your renders.

Power wash – power wash is the very commonly used method for render cleaning. People generally go for a warm water wash. Adjust the pressure at low settings to prevent any damage to the wall. High pressure can rip of the paint and cause harsh patches on your walls. Do not keep focusing on a particular point for too long as it can also damage the paint.

Look for the algae growth – in rainy season algae growth is very common on renders due to the presence of moisture. Look carefully and inspect your render. Do not avoid corners while checking. If you find any algae growth wash it using the water pressure to secure your house walls.

An Article by Cladding Cleaning