Each type of ceiling has its own pros and cons. When it comes to installation of the strongest and the most durable type of ceiling then brick and mortar or concrete ceiling is the best option. People get either of the two ceilings installed at their property. No matter whichever type of ceiling they choose, both the types of ceilings are required to be plastered or rendered from inside. It gives the unappealing looks to the property. Thus, a lot of people are now getting suspended ceiling installed in their properties. This type of ceiling is made up of metal grid and the ceiling tiles which are made up of different materials.

white ceiling tiles

Mineral fiber tiles are the best for suspended ceiling

Suspended ceiling is designed for great aesthetics, insulation and is resistant to moisture and molding. Plastic and clay tiles can be used for covering the grids of this type of ceiling but these are prone to cracks and damages. Therefore, mineral fiber tiles are used. These are the high performance tiles which are available in different sizes, patterns, colors, finishes and edge details.

Feature of the mineral fiber tiles

This type of tile has the great ability to reflect the light which makes the interiors brighter and attractive. Beautiful patterns can be created with the help of this type of tile. It has great sound absorption and thermal properties also. They are waterproof and molding proof which makes it perfect for installation for concrete and brick and mortar ceilings.