Constructing a building is a challenging task because it needs support to reach the heights from the ground level. Scaffolding is almost used in all types of construction projects. The main aim to use scaffolding in the construction is to provide a safe and stable platform to the workers on which they can work at different heights. In Northampton, there are many companies that offer different types of scaffolding. Scaffolding companies in Northampton not only provide a strong base or platform to the workers but also install it perfectly at the location. Different types of scaffolding can be taken on rent as per the type of construction.

scaffolding at constrution building

Types of scaffolding

  • Wooden or bamboo scaffolding: It is the most common type of scaffolding and you can use this scaffolding anywhere. Wooden scaffolding is more affordable than other materials. It is eco friendly material and known for its strength and flexibility.
  • Tube and clamp scaffolding: It is one of the earliest types of scaffolding and it has two parts. One is tube and another is clip and sometimes it is called as couples. It is popular because it is easy to assemble or dissemble.
  • Needle scaffolding: It is also known as cantilever scaffolding. Sometimes it is not possible to fix the standard from the ground, so it helps you to fix it from some height. The platform on which it is placed is called as needle. Needle is mainly made of timber material. When construction is done on busy streets, this scaffolding is the most preferred option.