Benchtop of your kitchen covers a considerable space, and it is the main area, where you conduct various works for preparing your food. However, it is sometimes a good idea to replace your older benchtop with the newer one. Ask your kitchen designers to alter the benchtop, according to your needs.

new kitchen

If the thickness of your existing and new benchtop is almost same, it may be quite easy to do the installation. While the newer one has more thickness, you will require scratching the rear part. And it makes sure that the unit is fitted perfectly just under your tiles or spashback.

For a new benchtop, you can choose any of the following materials

Stainless Steel

This offers you a tough and durable benchtop, which is available in a variety of textures and finishes.


It was once thought to be a very costly option to most of the kitchen owners. But, with high competition in the market, it has become affordable. Granite also provides you with hardwearing benchtop, where you can do all the preparations for cooking any food.


This is another traditional option, recommended by kitchen designers. However, though wood is durable, it may cause some issues, such as, cracks or scratch marks. Especially, in a dry atmosphere, it can get cracked.

Thus, remodeling the room with the replacement of older benchtop creates the appearance of a new kitchen. You also change other areas of your kitchen to have a fresh look.

Article written by Shaker&May