If you ever think of countertop for your kitchen or bathroom then the first material that you can think of is granite material. As compared to similar other materials like marble or quartz, granite is mostly preferred because of its versatility and grace.

When you consider about granite worktops for your bathroom or kitchen perhaps you do not know the following things about granite.

  1. It is a natural stone

It is created by a natural process from the earth and no chemicals or any other materials have not been used to create this stone material.

  1. It is mined and cut

It is obtained in raw form from the earth and then it is cut and polished to give its shape for actual application.

  1. Its colour is natural

The colour of the stone is natural and it depends upon the location from where the material has been mined. No artificial paints or chemicals used to develop its colour.

  1. Most common colour is black

Most of the granite that is mined is of black colour which is natural black colour. When it is polished, it becomes shining black colour.

  1. Granite is a strong material

As mentioned before the granite is naturally mined stone that cannot be created by any artificial means. Once you install granite then it is a lifelong thing as it does not lose its shine nor it gets damaged.

  1. Granite can be easily cleaned and maintained

You can easily clean granite by using a wet clothe and do not need any harsh cleaner to maintain it.