Modern houses in London are small in sizes hence most of the house owners look for the alternative ways to save the space and maximize the living space. One of the best ways is loft conversion or attic conversion. This helps in adding the additional living space in the unused part of the house. Loft can be used for making guest room, kid’s room, study room or bathroom. Apart from these, you can use the loft for the installation of the boiler. It is the way to create more space in the house while allowing the heating system to work efficiently.

combi boiler electric panel

Combi boilers for your buildings

Installation of the combi boiler at the loft is the best way to get the warm water for beating the chilly winters. In case, any of the problems arise in the boiler then there is a need to get the services of the experts for instant boiler repairs in North London. Leakage is the most common problem that occurs in the boilers. Whether you are using the gas boilers or the electric boilers, boiler repairs from the experts is the best solution. The expert looks after the leakage and ensures that proper sealing is done.

Whistling sound troubles can irritate you

Leakage of gas can be recognized as the whistling sound. Thus, you are required to identify the whistling sound and get the quick fix. There might be something that is obstructing the flow of gas in this type of boiler. Boiler repairer gets the boiler problem fixed instantly by promoting the free flow of gas.