When it comes to impressing your beholders, doors are always the little milestones to seize for. When it comes to sturdy, lasting and beautiful doors, people in Southampton always prefer composite doors. Unlike plywood, which is made of timber and uPVC doors which are made of plastics, composite doors are made up of an amalgam of two different materials. When mixing two different materials with two different properties they counteractively cancel each other’s flaws out. Thus, Composite Door Southampton are the most in demand for their various high quality properties.

front door on a house


As almost all the flaws of both of the elements are negotiated and neglected to be none, an average lifespan of a composite door is nearly 35 years, as compared to uPVC’s 20 years and plywood’s 10 years.


Owing to the polyurethane core, a Composite door gets hardened in the years and becomes impossible for any thief to break in. With twice the width of that as uPVC, a composite door is a much better choice when it comes to securing yourself from burglars picking locks. Of course, an inefficient lock system will help to break into anyone’s house.


Although, uPVCs, timbers and composite doors, all have a varied range of styles to choose from, still composite wins the cut-throat race by a hair’s width. Due to its composition of varied elements, it gives varied choices for us to choose from.


Although uPVCs are cheaper, yet they depreciate over time. Within a small span of 15-20 years, you will see the door breaking down. With composite doors, the initial investment, though is higher, still, it is affordable as its value doesn’t depreciate. Not only that, it is way more eco friendly and saves energy.